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Welcome to John L. Flynn's website.

The material is arranged to highlight Dr. Flynn's 30-year career as an author and screenwriter.

Book List: In addition to the covers of John's books, which are presented above, the Book List provides a complete listing of all of his available books. The listing includes an image of the cover, a short description, and the relevant publishing information. The list is presented in chronological order, starting in 1985. In select cases, you can actually purchase his books directly through the website.

Blog: Dr. Flynn blogs about the State of the Art of Science Fiction Films, past, present and future.

News: News articles, features and press releases about the three-time Hugo-nominee are collected here. If Dr. Flynn is featured in another documentary or is invited to appear at a convention, this is the spot to learn about that news first.

Contact Information: John L. Flynn, Ph.D., can be contacted directly through this website. His literary agent is also listed. If you'd like Dr. Flynn to speak to your rotary club or participate in a panel discussion at a conference or autograph his books at a convention, this is how you'd contact him.

About the Author: A short biography of Dr. Flynn's career as an author is available here. Publicity stills are also available for download.

Masquerade Costumes by John L. Flynn: In addition to his career as an author and screenwriter, John is a retired Master Costumer. This is a link to a separate website which showcases Dr. Flynn's winning costumes and some of the sketches that he drew to inspire them.

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